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Advice for Ample Space

Too Little Space, Too Many Things, Need more Storage!

It is not very often that one hears another complaining that he or she had too much space! Many people have problems with insufficient space in their living area. This is more so for someone sharing a room with a flat mate, people staying in condominiums, highrise flats, studio apartments and college dormitories. Those with big houses are not immuned to this problem either! A big space will soon be filled, unless the temptation to buy and collect is tamed and managed.

When space is at a premium, especially in expensive cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York, the average person has to make do with smaller spaces. Finding families dwelling in areas of less than a thousand square feet is not uncommon. This is when space management becomes essential. It will make a difference to the function and comfort of your living area. Space affects your mood and well-being. It affects your productivity. Very cluttered homes may compromise personal safety. Unfortunately, many of us do not have the financial means or choice to upgrade to a more spacious place, but there are many creative ways in which to maximize the use of space and work at reducing the clutter in our living area.

Organizing your living space should feel more like an adventure rather than a boring task. It should be an ongoing priority especially when you think about the safety aspects. The process can be pleasant and therapeutic, and the end product, a prize you and your family deserve. We will share with you some thoughtful, economical and easy to follow solutions to counter the effects of problems presented by limited space. We also welcome contribution from readers.

Note of Caution:
Any advice given on this web site, whether by SpaceLimited.com or a third party author should be used only if you feel that it poses no risk to person or property.

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Kids Room
Kid's Room: Bookcase, shelves, ceiling-to-floor closet, bed w/sliding bed and 3 sets of drawers below, storage cabinet below shelves, notice board, + chest of drawers and trolley - keep this tiny room clutter-free and by providing plenty of storage!
Room size: 72 sq.ft.

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